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Sustainable Highlight:

The Sunflower+Project: STL, is remediating and making productive vacant, previously developed urban lots through the cultivation and planting of sunflowers and winter wheat. These hyper-accumulators have been shown to extract lead and other contaminants contained in previously developed urban soils. The Sunflower+Project: StL looks to demonstrate and study the viability, affordability, practicality and potential for employing this strategy at the urban scale through the use of a single urban lot. 

Our Mission 

The mission of Sweet Sensations is to provide substantial employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to underserved teenagers through the planning and operation of a sustainable, environmentally-friendly beekeeping business. This mission is a natural extension of the work that North Side Youth And Senior Services Center, Inc. currently undertakes with the youth in the Ville and Greater Ville neighborhoods of north St. Louis, and a good fit with the creative environment in place at this organization. 

Byron Owens (Office Manager) 


The importance of Bees the Our Community Should Understand

Beekeeping is important because without it our Bees wouldn’t have a stable home to pollinate and make honey.  Bees help our fruits and vegetables grow. Honey Bees contribute 8 to 10 billion to the U.S. economy yearly. Honeybees fly over 45 miles to bring back just one jar (lb.) of honey. Honey bees are important to our community, they help provide the edible that we eat today, such as apples, Mangos, Plums, Alfalfa, Guava, Onions, Cotton, Coconuts Etc.

“Bread feeds the body but flowers feed the soul” –The Qur’an. The honey that bees develop is a 100% pure and natural Sweetener made and stored in honeycombs by the bees. Honey is a miracle food and never goes bad. You can use honey to cure cough and strep throat, ulcers, burns, and wounds. Honey can travel to the deepest tissues transporting subtle energies, clearing sinuses, common cold, anxiety and craving for cigarettes.  These are reasons for the importance of  honeybees.                                                           

 Beekeeping inspires teen entrepreneurs on city's northside "Slideshow" via The St. Louis Review - The Publication of the Archdiocese of St. Louis

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