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The Start up:  

The goal of Sweet Sensations is to teach north side teens about entrepreneurship and small business development through the design and operation of a beekeeping business. A mere idea of a beekeeper and a grant writer. Sweet Sensations won the YouthBridge Community Foundation award of $35,000 to kick off the entrepreneurial beekeeping business. 

Social Impact Definition 

Teenagers living in north St. Louis desire to be successful but lack the sustainable employment and entrepreneurship opportunities necessary to inspire the pursuit of higher education and meaningful occupational aspirations.  

 Social Impact Model for Sweet Sensations 

 Social Impact Strategies:

  • Create a new hands- on model to teach entrepreneurship and small business development to underserved teenagers. 
  • Operate a sustainable environmentally- friendly beekeeping business to provide sustainable employment opportunities. 
  • Promote an expectation of personal achievement through higher education and meaningful occupational aspirations.

 Operating Model:

  • Providing ongoing education, mentoring and support to assist participants in the planning and operation of successful beekeeping business. 
  • Providing opportunities for learning to assist participants in developing a thorough understanding of entrepreneurship and small business development. 

 Social & Economic Impact Indicators: 

  • Participant aspirations for personal success. 
  • Participant use of entrepreneurship and small business development skills to improve their lives. 
  • Participant educational achievement. 
  • Participant occupational achievement. 

 Organizational & Program Performance Indicators: 

  • Participant/ Employee Attrition 
  • Bee colony survival rates
  • Sales revenue achieved 
  • Growth targets achieved
  • Business sustainability 
  • Business/ Entrepreneurial Education Diversity 


 2013-2014 Sweet Sensations, Inc. 

President/ Financial Chair - De’Jah Cox (15 years old)

Since her arrival in 2013, De'jah's dedication and hard work goes beyond just being the President of a young entrepreneurial business. She often devotes her time on weekends, and through her leadership, the teens involved in Sweet Sensations have taken successfully sold Honey Masters Products at Markets, Festivals, and Coffee Houses.   

Production Manager- Michael Harris (18 years old)

Michael was introduced to Sweet Sensations through MERS Goodwill STL Youth Jobs program as a summer volunteer. After Michael completed his hours with STL Youth Jobs he became a member of Sweet Sensations. Michael empowers his peers when it comes to organizing, delegating sales with local stores, and motivating the other youth. 

Office Manager- Byron Owens (15 years old) 

Since Bryon’s arrival he has contributed time, good workmanship, and leadership as the Production Manager. Owen’s entrepreneurial goals are to one day get into the restaurant business, and own his own restaurant in the Greater Ville community. Along with furthering his career in entrepreneurship, Bryon has plans to become an engineer. 

Vice President/ Secretary- LaJazia Elijah (16 years old)

LaJazia holds some of the toughest responsibilities at Sweet Sensations. LaJazia is more than a helping hand within the business; she is passionate about entrepreneurship. She is the first to attend weekend outings and the first to sign up for marketing, or promotional visits with other companies. LaJazia is interested in maximizing her career in the future in becoming an OBGYN. Her vision and plans towards the future have allowed her to travel to colleges around the state.

Marketing Director- Niyah George (15 years old)

Niyah’s outgoing personality and her vision to see Sweet Sensations become successful is the prime example of why she’s our Marketing Director. Niyah has lived in the Greater Ville community most of her life, and has a strong passion to uplift her community and friends. Niyah also likes to play sports, sing, and hang out with her friends. 

2012-2013 Sweet Sensations, Inc.  

The 2012-2013 group was able to obtain valuable lessons, educational entrepreneurial opportunities, and managed to build the Honey Masters workshop ground up.

Roshaunda Crawford, President 16yr

Mykal Moore, Vice President 16yr

Victoria Montgomery, Secretary 15yr 

Asia Latham, Production Manager 17yr

Monia Cox, Financial Chair 17yr 

Sirrendrick Smith, Office Manager 17yr