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We will start Phase 1 of the Sensational Garden Project. If you're interested please sign up today! (Check the home page for more details 

 We harvest our very own, eleven beehives. Each hive consists of 500,000 honeybees,and eleven queens. We often harvest our beehives every other weekend. We will also soon be investing in a garden with plants and vegetables for the bees to pollinate from.  Four beehives located just two blocks down from where Northside Youth and Senior Service Center stands, four at the Garden of Bridge of Hope Church, two on St. Ferdinand and one at the Greenville Garden. 

The youth of Sweet Sensations, and other young aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level. Move from being a day dreaming entrepreneur to having real world deliverables. The youth participated in learning about how to talk passionately about their ideas, and to explain their business ideas while having good posture! 
If you're in learning more about Ignition Weekend contact: 

Greg Davenport
Youth Coordinator, Center for Entrepreneurship
John Cook School of Business
Saint Louis University 
W: 314-977-3282 M: 314-520-7221 E: L:

 SLOUP #43 winners: A Sustainable Revolution

 What is Sloup?

Sloup is a monthly soup dinner in St. Louis, MO, that supports projects, primarily artistic or communicative, that need a little funding and belief.

One Sunday per month, Sloup brings people together over eats and a handful community-based idea proposals, in a different venue every month. Sloup typically happens on the last Sunday of the month (roughly 5-7 PM), depending on holidays and venue restrictions; please check this website, our Facebook page, and Twitter for regular updates. The venues and soup are provided by local establishments, chefs, and community members. We ask for a $10 per person donation to participate in each Sloup (100% of which will go directly into that month’s Sloup “pot”), entitling you to vote for which of that month’s proposals wins the money raised at the door!


The much anticipated announcement of (drum roll please)....SLU TANK. Yes, just like Shark Tank but with a major twist - these high school students are pitching their ideas under a dunk tank!

No power points, no business plans, just creativity and self confidence. The BEST ideas under one umbrella! Please check out the one, the only, Mr. Pitch (@TheRealMrPitch) providing his introduction to SLU Tank - #CASHorSPLASH  

For more information contact:

Greg Davenport
Youth Coordinator, Center for Entrepreneurship
John Cook School of Business
Saint Louis University
314.977.3282 m: 314.520.7221

Sweet Sensations Presentations: Learning to become an Entrepreneur 

Sweet Sensations will host an educational lecture for Youth Works every Tuesday evening. The lecture will take the youth on a journey of youth entrepreneurship and leadership. 

Sweet Sensations will also sell their products at the lecture too. If you're interested please sign up today at:

YOUTH WORKS STL: Serving the Community 

YouthWorks partners with a number of organizations to serve St. Louis's homeless population, local children, and the elderly. You may find them playing Bingo, cooking meals, painting a house, shooting hoops, sorting clothes, or spending time with any number of community residents. In the evenings they host activites that include visiting the Gateway Arch and Westward Expansion Museum, enjoying live music and gorgeous natural beauty at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and a popular and well-attended community cookout -- the whole neighborhood comes together for a night of fellowship, food, and fun! 


Allsup Summer Academy 

The goal of Saint Louis University’s Entrepreneurship Center is to help entrepreneurs combine their business passion with the planning skills taught in a world-class institution, to produce high-performing organizations. Our mission is: to deliver and develop world-class entrepreneurship education for all.

July 28- August 1